Today marks a special day for the Veezy Vibetime Creations blog as it hits its 300th blog post. It’s amazing to me how just a matter of months back, this blog hit 200 posts and now we’re at 300. I think everyday how much blood, sweat, and tears goes into keeping this blog updated and filled with all of my amazing work and the stories behind all of it. I’m just so thankful for this blog. Not only has it been an amazing promotion tool for my artwork, but it means so much to me. It has become a huge part of me. I never thought that the blog would still be up after all of this time. I’m glad once again that I’ve beaten my odds and proven myself wrong. I decided to do something special for you guys (my readers, followers, and supporters). To show my appreciation and thanks for your support, I created a showcase video of all of the 2014 designs. Though there’s still a couple months left in the year, this has been the year where I’ve been the most consistent with my designs and I have so many that I lost count. This is quite a process getting the video done but nothing is too much when it comes to my artwork. Happy 300th post Veezy Vibetime Creations.

Songs played in the video:
Chris Brown – Time For Love
Tinashe – The Last Night on Earth
Jordan Bratton – Danger 3