Aside from keeping busy and trying to get out some new designs, it’s been a rough few days personally for me. I’ve been having some trouble with my confidence and believing in myself. Usually I try not to share my personal life here on the blog, but I want to show you guys that I am human, first and foremost. I hurt and I go through things. In the end, it inspires me to be a better artist, person, and soul. Since I’ve been struggling for a little while with my confidence, I decided to do what I did with the Strength drawing and create one for the word “confidence”. This process was very emotional for me, considering my struggle with confidence but I will say that this was a good way for me to release a lot of tension and also have a little fun with some sharpies and pencils. I love how my life struggles can make for great designs and meaningful artwork. I hope I’m able to help someone break out of their shell and if I can’t I’m still glad I was able to come out of mine a little.