One thing that I look forward to about the fall is the premiere of new shows. Around a year or so back, Cyborg put me on to the show, Once Upon A Time. Ever since, I’ve been a true Once fan. I’m super excited about the premiere of season 4 on Sunday. In celebration of my excitement, I wanted to create a design with a character from the show. The lucky guy was Colin O’Donaghue , who plays Captain Hook. Probably one of the most handsome men of the show, I was so inspired to create something great. I had the idea to do a subject design but at the last minute I decided to challenge myself and create a watercolor design. I added in a new element and created and overlay of symbols and elements that make up Hook’s character. I had a lot of fun with this and I’m super glad that I was able to get this done and show love to the show. Sunday is going to be a great day and I can’t wait to be a nerd and just tune in !