Monday night, I tuned in to the new series, Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood. I’m usually not a huge lover of reality TV and how it makes people look, but I mainly watch L&HH series for the music that’s featured on the show. I heard one song from a singer by the name of Cher Lloyd. I was intrigued by her sound and got inspired to figure out what she looked like. A lot of times artists tend to look so different from how they sound and this was no exception. Cher is such a beautiful girl and her voice is so versatile. Light bulb went right off in my head to use her as a subject. I had the design of Melanie Martinez in mind and chose to recreate that sort of feel. A simple yet complex kind of design on a bright and soft color background. This design process was a very smooth sailing experience. I just dove in and managed to get it done. It’s hard to explain because there wasn’t a lot of indecisive habits going on. I just let it be, took the time to cherish , or shall I say CHERish, the design. Another great piece of artwork to add to the family.