Planning out edits for this week has been pretty difficult. Coming down from the consistency of the Disney watercolors has been quite the experience. I’ve had a lot of trouble trying to get back into subject designs. The process for choosing subjects now has been very spontaneous and last minute. Monday, I created a black and white design of singer, Mila J. The inspiration for using Mila J came from an interview I was watching of The Breakfast Club with singer Jhene Aiko, a person I actually did a design of not very long ago. I knew of Mila J for a very long time but I had no idea until I watched this interview that they were sisters. That gave me an amazing idea to create a design of Mila and make it differ completely from that of the design of Jhene. This design process was pretty cool. I’m usually super picky when it comes to doing designs without color. I am always tempted to add at least some hint of color. Something told me this time around that I didn’t need it and I decided to listen to my conscience. This one has a very urbanesque feel. It reminds me so much of a different dimension and it tells a story to me. I really love still looking at the design and seeing how well it all came together.