“Another day, another design. ” As I continue on with Disney watercolor week (I just declared that unofficially on my own), I’m glad that I’m able to consistently recreate Disney characters with my own spin. After working on Belle and Chip yesterday, I was unsure as to what character and movie I wanted to use to follow up. Thank goodness for a creative friend like Cyborg and his timing. He suggested for me to check out a Disney movie called The Fox and the Hound. I’ve peeped the cover art on Netflix a lot but I shockingly have never seen the movie. I had some time after finishing the last design and just got right into it. Usually when Cy tries to put me on to something new he doesn’t disappoint me or himself. I fell in love with this movie. It focuses mainly on the element of friendship and how two people from different sides of the fence can come together. The characters, Copper and Tod, remind me so much of Cy and myself. It hit home for me and I was immediately inspired to design a watercolor of the two characters together. I was worried about not being able to pull this off at first. I was having some trouble just trying to really get my colors down and not having it look too messy. I’m glad that I was able to get the job done and showcase what the movie mostly meant to me. I’ll have to remember to thank Cy for putting me on because it made for an amazing design.