Due to the roller coaster of this week, its been a bit hard for me to add some new posts to the blog. Now that I’ve got some time, I’m finally able to showcase some new designs. In the beginning of the week, I had some frustration going on, just from life as well as stress. I really have tried lately to channel my emotions more into my work whenever I’m feeling upset. Decided to get really personal in a creative sense. For this design, I decided to base everything around the color Red. I wanted to have this design tell a story from a darker perspective but still have that sense of beauty. The perfect person for me to use was singer, Rita Ora. To me, she has a fiery personality and she’s very daring. I thought it would be amazing to create an edit with her as the subject. I knew that this would be gold. At first, I had plans to change the design into the element of elegance, based on the picture that I found, but sticking to my original idea was much better vision wise and therapeutic. As I was creating this design, I thought about demons, hell, and villains. All of the forbidden and taboo elements of evil and negative emotion. I love how amazing this came out as well as the intensity of it. I’m glad that I was able to channel the pain and frustration I had into an amazing visual.