Whenever I find myself stuck or at a block on what to design, I always make myself do a Disney Inspired watercolor design. This is probably the best decision creative wise that I’ve done. It gives me a sense of peace for the most part because it reminds me so much of childhood, and as I’m sure so many can relate that our childhood was a time of no worries. I love when I can recreate moments like that, especially with my artwork. This week, I chose to work on characters Tarzan and Terk. This one hit home for me a little because the inspiration comes from Cyborg’s project All My Tomorrows: Tantor (available on soundcloud). As explained in my previous post, this has been a bit of a hard week. Not just for me, but for Cy as well. I love the fact that we’re so close because when we go through it, we’re there for one another. Whether it would be directly or through music and artwork. Some of his music on the project helps me out a lot with my art as well as my emotions. I dedicated this design strictly to him. To let him know how much I get inspired from him. A fun fact that you guys may not know, is that Tantor is inspired by the Tarzan movie. Now you can see how everything adds up. Doing this design was very different of a process. It wasn’t as hard because of how simple the elements of color were but I wanted to try something different and make it more realistic as if it were in a jungle hanging on a tree. I think I was pretty dead on with that. I easily see this as my favorite of all the Disney watercolor designs so far. I’m so glad that I was able to once again use my emotions to create something great, as well as pay homage to a great movie and a special person to me.