Last week, I found out about the passing and unfortunate suicide of actor, Robin Williams. It hit me pretty hard because I loved him growing up. I watched so many movies that he starred in: Flubber, Mrs. Doubtfire, and Aladdin, being my favorite of all-time. I got super inspired by this passing and I really wanted to pay homage to this man and his great work. I’ve been trying to learn lately how to color in outlined photos in a watercolor form. I love the playfulness of it as well as the chance to just be free with color ranges. I was able to find a great photo to grab some inspiration from. The process took a lot of time due to trying to make sure all of the coloring was right. I think I did a great job on this. I’ve gotten all kinds of great feedback. Though this is a tribute to Robin Williams,  I mainly did this design for my friend Cyborg. Cy is probably the biggest fan I know of Disney and Aladdin. The passing hit him hard as well and we just had a great conversation about our childhood as well as all of the movies Robin starred in. The Genie, the character Robin voiced over in Aladdin, is one of Cy’s favorite characters. It was a no-brainer to do this design and show him how well the Genie can be recaptured artistically. I loved doing this design and I’m so glad I was able to pay homage to a great actor as well as do something special for my dear friend. Rest in peace Robin Williams.