This week as a while has really given me a chance to tap into my freehand complex and just create things randomly as they pop into my mind. Sunday, I was in my grandmother’s car and Leona Lewis came on the radio. I remember in high school I loved her song, “Bleeding Love”. Was always listening to it. My sister loves it too. Because of not hearing music from her for a while, and her being so beautiful, I immediately got inspired to do a design of her. Took a couple of days to decide where I wanted to really go with it. I came across this picture from I’ll say 2012-2013. I was apprehensive at first because I’m so used to using more recent photos for inspiration whenever I do a subject design. This photo was so strong to me though, and I felt like I could create something great from it. Something that I loved the most about working with this photo was it being in Black and White. I love the challenge of doing a design with no form of color. It creates a sense of intensity, simplicity, and brings attention to everything at once. Surely this was a hard process but I was able to get the job done. I got a chance to put some new brushes I found to use: antique postcards. Leona is of English/British descent and this was a way to tap into some things I think about when I picture life overseas: postcards, stationery, towers, etc. This is a great design to me and I’m glad I got a chance to capture a singer that I love.