Today’s been a little more of a creative one compared to my others. Aside from a last minute subject design, I was able to grab a little bit of free time. For a little while, I was just messing around on some old pictures, slowly getting back into my new obsession with the comic world. I last read a comic called SHAZAM! , and being such a lover of backstories, I fell so in love with this particular comic of all the one I’ve read. I connect so much with the main character, Billy Batson. He was an orphan, very disconnected from the world and not very trusting of people. I can relate to a lot of what he feels in the story. Ever since, my friend Cyborg gave me the nickname Silly Batson, the first part describing a part of my personality and the second part from Billy’s name. I slowly fell in love with this little nickname. I even have added my name into it somehow and now I like to sometimes use the name, Silly Venilly Batson. Then, everything randomly popped into my head to recreate the SHAZAM! cover, renaming it SHE-ZAM. I even put in my cool new nickname to make it look like a comic poster. I’ve wanted to tap into comic art for a while and it’s great that the inspiration came to me randomly because I got the chance to create something great. Maybe I can have a future career in comics covers. It would be pretty awesome.