After doing the Disney Princess inspired designs, it was very difficult for me to find a cool project to follow. For a couple of days there, I was highly unsure of what I should do. Cyborg suggested to me a while back to use Whitney Houston as a subject for a watercolor. I wasn’t 100% on the idea at first, but slowly, I started to warm up to it. Yesterday, it was brought to my attention, by one of my followers on my instagram page, that it was her birthday. I felt like this would be a perfect time to finally execute the idea of designing a Whitney watercolor. Everything about this process went smoothly. I decided to go with an orange and purple color scheme to bring attention to her amazing voice as well as her legacy. I wanted this watercolor to stand out and be vibrant. I think that I did a great job with capturing this design of Whitney. She was one of the most talented singers on this earth to me. It felt great to have recreated a great picture and do a nice design. One of my favorite watercolors to date. Happy Birthday and continue to Rest in Peace Whitney Houston.