A few days ago, my close friend Cyborg came out to my town for a visit. He brought some movies for us to watch and one of the first we saw was a classic, Dick Tracy. I’ve actually never seen the movie before so watching it was such a cool experience for me. The time frame had me so inspired. I love the different characters and how their faces and personalities match their names. A few of the most memorable characters for me were Dick Tracy himself (played by Warren Beatty) and Breathless Mahoney (played by Madonna). Even though Dick had a woman in his life, I noticed the amaount of chemistry between him and Breathless. I was inspired to the point where I wanted to do a watercolor of the two together. Watching from beginning to end, I noticed the amounts of the colors Yellow and Red used in the movie. Red being my favorite color, and yellow being my favorite color to edit with, I knew this design would be gold and fun for me. I found somewhat of a racy photo to work off of. I was worried at first that using yellow and red wouldn’t work but it actually turned out extremely well.  The final result looks like ketchup and mustard was splattered all over this design. I love how fun and crazy this looks. It brings out the beauty and charm of both characters, not to mention different elements that they have. The blonde hair that Breathless has, her bright red lipstick,  Dick’s outfit, a lot of great things from the movie. I’m so glad that I had the chance to do this design and really deliver and pay homage to an amazing movie. Thank you Cy.