Unfortunately this week, I’ve had to take some time off from editing because of technical issues with my computer. It’s been a little hard but tolerable since going through this before. Luckily before things went wrong, I was able to get some great editing done. One of my favorite and best designs I did is of singer, Ledisi. I had plans for quite some time to do a design of Ledisi. She’s beautiful, a great R&B/Soul artist,  and super eccentric with her style and look. Also,  she is the first subject that I’ve used with dreads. With the photo that I used for inspiration, I had a lot of confidence that this would be an amazing design. The color scheme of  her outfit alone gave me a master plan to incorporate it into the design. I absolutely love how well yellow and blue compliment each other. This is my first real time using the color scheme in years. The best thing about doing this design is how free it felt. Everything came so naturally as far as adding elements and playing around with the overall look. It was a great process and experience. On instagram, it is the single edit that has gotten the most likes and feedback. A bonus for me is that Ledisi saw, liked, and commented. It always feels great when the person the edit represents notices and comments on it. That tells me that they notice the story I’m trying to tell. I feel great about this design and I’m hopeful that with this little break I’m taking, I’m able to keep up that momentum of doing great designs like this one.