Growing up, I considered myself to have tomboy tendencies. Had a lot of guy cousins and neighbors around my age so it wasn’t hard to pick up a lot of habits. Playing with dirt, throwing rocks and sticks, video games, and one of the main things I connected with, wrestling. I was a huge fan from when I was 6 to probably 12-13. I loved the female wrestlers sand how strong they were in that business, the men also. One of the most memorable wrestlers from my childhood was The Undertaker. The funny thing is that he used to scare me with his ‘death’ portrayal, but as I grew up, I started to become more tolerant towards it. I recently watched the show Total Divas for the first time, which is how the design of Eva Marie came about. Another thanks to Cyborg for putting me on to that show. I saw a quick shot of The Undertaker, a quick idea came to me to use him as my next subject. I decided to create a challenge for myself and do a watercolor design. He is the very first athlete that I’ve done in the watercolor form so I wanted to be sure that I did this right. I found a slightly disturbing but very intense photo to work with. It made the process weird for me to look at the design as I did it, but surely I got the job done. I chose some colors that best represent the dark feel I was going for: Blues and Purples. I think it accents the picture well and it overall looks really great. I’m proud of this design and I love how much it reminds me of my childhood.