Have you sat a wondered sometimes about trying new things? I do quite often when it comes to my designs. I love to keep my ideas and my techniques fresh and meaningful. Today’s design to me, represented that well. I’ve never done or worked on a project with a plus-size subject. You’d think the first person I’d choose is a Hollywood spotlight uppity but I decided to stick to my complex of the underrated and newer faces and went with a great singer by the name of Mary Lambert. I recognize her mostly from her feature on Macklemore/Ryan Lewis’ song, “Same Love”. After I gave Cyborg the word about using Mary, he gave me a lot of insight about her backstory and some of the things and challenges she’s been through growing up. Instantly for me, I knew this design was going to go a lot deeper than I had planned to make it. Just knowing what I knew, it was a motivation for me to go above and beyond what I usually do. I added in a new element: flowers. Me being a lover of flowers, I thought this was a perfect idea. For this design, they represent strength and beauty. They bring attention to her tattoo as well as bright the entire design. This was definitely an emotional process for me like that of the Big Cat design. I love mostly the vintage feel and the overall presentation. Hands down, one of my best designs and also one of my most emotional. I’m very glad that I did this. Puts so much into perspective.