I’ve just finished my most recent design of subject and singer Joanna ‘JoJo’ Levesque. It’s safe to definitely say that JoJo has become one of my favorite subjects to work on. Not only is she vocally strong and talented, but she’s beautiful, very sensual, and I love her look and the transition she’s made from starting in the music industry young and coming into being a young woman. For this edit, I really wanted to go a different direction from all of the previous ones I’ve done of her (JoJo 2.0, Mo-JoJo). It was easy for me to depend on some of my newer elements to make this visual come to life. I love the color scheme from the photos of JoJo. Compared to the other designs, this scheme is so mature and a lot more laid back than busy. It was great for me to create a cool visual and have this design tell a good story. Not just with a transition from the first design, but a great vibe overall. I have the added challenge of representing JoJo well since Cyborg is such a huge fan of hers. His opinion matters the most when it comes to her designs. It’s always a plus when a fan of the subject supports the visual. Once again, he did. This probably took the longest of all the designs, but I love how nice this one came out.