Now, I can explain ! Another post about my new love for comics? Absolutely. However, for the first time ever, I’ve read and finished a comic book: The Flash. The TV show actually premiers on the CW in a few months. I’ve been filled with a lot of interest and have been able to catch trailers and spoilers to see if anything between the show and comic story connects. It’s been a cool experience for me. I instantly got excited and inspired to create a design of my own, based on the story of the main character/superhero Barry Allen/The Flash. A few of the elements in this design were inspired by a few graphics in the story. I had a lot of fun making this visual. It was great for me to create a design based off of something so significant and positive. This took quite some time to get right, but I’m so glad that I did this. Not just for my new love of the comic world, but for me as well. I guess you can say that I’m officially hooked on comics.