After being on a high from the inspirations of comics, I came to a little bit of a crossroads on what I’d create next. For some reason, Rihanna, one of my favorite singers/performers has been on my mind. It must’ve been her enthusiasm for the World Cup. I’ve peeped a bunch of articles and photos so it wasn’t hard to have my attention caught. A few weeks back I peeped her photo shoot photos from Vogue Brazil. I was so inspired by the different shots captured of her that I wanted to capture her artistically in a way that I’ve never done, something different from the enhancements, different from the subject design, different from the candy enhancement, a watercolor design. I was worried about doing this at first with the picture that I chose to work from because she looks so much like Joseline Hernandez from Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta. I was almost afraid that it wouldn’t look like Rihanna anymore. Doing the design was a cool experience for me. I was able to try something a little different with the technique and use splatter instead of watercolor. It’s amazing to me how the difference is hard to notice. The color choice gives me a hipster-bohemian kind of feel. Almost like a fortune teller if you will. Took me a while to get this the way I wanted it to look but in the end it came together pretty well.