Monday was far from a fun day for me. I went through a little of an emotional dilemma. But hey, don’t we all ? I sat down long and hard to think about how I wanted to challenge some of my frustration artistically. I great idea came to me to use Scott “Big Cat” Pfaff, from MTV’s Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory. I’m a huge fan and regular watcher of the show. I always notice how Big Cat is always the odd man out, super quiet, underestimated, and kind of the one put in the uncomfortable situations. Though its  .  All in great humor, I can relate to this guy a lot. Not only did I have a plan to slay this design, I wanted to take a photo far from the usual. I was able to find a great one to influence the entire color scheme. Doing this design was so therapeutic and epic for me. It looks busy and chaotic, but amazing as well. A bonus for me was Big Cat himself, noticing the photo on my Instagram account and liking it. It felt nice to see the person who inspired this design, notice the photo. I’m really glad I was able to channel my emotions into this design and let my talent just tell my story.