Say hello to one of my recent watercolor designs. This has been a great week for me creativity wise. I’ve fallen more in love with the technique of watercolor and how many different options it has as far as colors and designs overall go. For this watercolor, I decided to go way out of my comfort zone with the subject. I went with actor Joseph Gordon Levitt. The idea mainly came from Cyborg. We both recently saw the movie, Don Jon, which Joseph starred in and directed. He’s become admired on Cy’s end and I felt like because I didn’t fully know if it would be a good idea, I went for it anyway. It turns out that I made a great choice going with my gut and just diving into this edit. I was able to work from a perfect, simple photo and create a whole new visual out of it. I am so in love with the color choice. I love how the cool colors bounce off of him and make him stand out. I’m glad that I was able to really let it all out in this design and make a great but underrated actor shine all over again.