Yesterday was a great day for me and my creativity. Had a little free time on my hands so I decided to indulge in some art. A little earlier into the week, I saw the movie School Daze for the first time. I was so inspired by the way this black college was portrayed. All of the pledging that went on, the different clubs, the element of love, friendship, brotherhood. Just a great movie from beginning to end. Having seen a lot of Spike Lee’s movies recently, I thought that it would be great to use him as a subject for a watercolor design. As I was looking for a photo for inspiration to work from, I came across a bunch of photos of him with basketball legend, Michael Jordan. I had a great experience before of using a watercolor with two subjects (Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder) and I thought it would be great to use Michael Jordan & Spike Lee for one watercolor. I was extremely apprehensive at first because I thought this wasn’t going to work out well. It was pretty hard in the beginning to get everything right and have it look the way I wanted it too, but after a while ot slowly started to come together. As far as the color scheme, I added red as a main color since Michael is know mostly for being on the Chicago Bulls team. This is by far one of my favorite watercolors and I’m glad that I was able to once again represent two huge and positive legends to life in a creative way.