It’s been a little while now since my last self design. Being so busy with all of the recent designs and features, I was finally able to have some leisure time and just design with myself as the muse. The thing that I love the most about doing designs with myself as the subject is that I can picture myself actually in the illusions. Having the cool elements all over me, with a cool background, looking disintegrated. It’s an amazing thing to dream about. For this design, I wanted to focus on the color scheme of the picture. The colors in the scarf and my skin tones remind me of mint-chocolate chip ice cream, which oddly inspired this entire design. The checkerboard reminds me of the green sea color that the ice cream flavor has, and the background being brown gives me that chocolate feel. I was complimented the other day for this design and was told that this is my best. I agree because its so comfortable, there’s no message behind it, and I just love the whole feel of it.