Growing up, I was a huge fan of wrestling, preferably WWE and WCW. After a while, I had slowly stopped watching and lost a lot of interest. Cyborg is still a huge fan and had brought up a reality show to me about the new era of WWE Divas (female wrestlers) called Total Divas. I haven’t gotten around to watching a full episode but I’ve seen previews and one of the divas that stands out a lot to me is Eva Marie. She’s tall, as well beautiful as the rest of the women are. The thing about her mostly that inspired me for this design is her bright red hair. Red being one of my favorite colors, I wanted to really base this design around the color itself and how strong it is to me. The process for finding a photo to work around was very rough, but I was able to come up with something simple but intense as well. I tried hard to not add a lot of happy-go lucky elements to the design because of how vibrant and intense Eva Marie looks, but to me the details help it to represent a great storyline. The tigers and the colors make me think of evil and fire when I look at it as a whole. Slowly, the design has come together well and I’m very happy with how cool it looks.