Say hello to Sunday’s design of 2nd-time Subject, Zendaya. I was apprehensive to work with Zendaya as this design’s subject because I’ve worked with her once earlier this year. (The Silver & Royal Blues) I wasn’t sure I wanted to use the same person in such a short amount of time, but I was so inspired still from the idea of her being chosen to play Aaliyah in the upcoming biopic and my opinions of it, that I wanted to design a project around her. When I got to the inspiration process, I was sold. I was able to work around an amazing photo and be able to capture her a lot differently from the first design. This took quite some time because I wanted to really perfect this and having been emotional at the time, I wanted to channel my feelings artistically. I’m so in love with the way that this design came out. The color scheme is so eye catching and vibrant. To me, this design shows elegance, growth, and glamour. Reminds me a lot of a perfume ad. To me, this has to be by far one of my bests of all time.