Today, I created a design of 2nd-time Subject, Lana Del Ray. I chose to use Lana again because of the movie Maleficent. She remakes the song, “Once Upon A Dream” from the movie’s soundtrack. My first time using Lana was around a year or two back and the feel for that design was very upbeat and vintage. For this design, I wanted to go a completely different direction. I made everything very dark and hard to see but still very noticeable. Lana has a very somber and gloomy kind of sound to her voice and I really wanted to this design to connect to that. The photo I chose was very strong before I started working on it and I was afraid I wasn’t going to be able to work around it, but I was able to pull through and I absolutely love this design.
I’ve attached the first design to show the transition from then to now.

Lana Del Rey Design (2012-2013)
Lana Del Rey Design (2014)