This is one of my subject designs that I created last week of actress , Zoe Saldana. The inspiration for this design was very last minute, but I felt it would be great to capture someone as exotic and beautiful as her. The process for this one was very hard from most designs I’ve done. It took me write a while to figure out what kind of photo I wanted to use. There was conflict also with what type of design I was planning to do. After a while I decided to go with a subject design and tried to really focus on the color scheme in Zoe’s outfit here. The colors here remind me so much of the Tika Sumpter edit that I did a few months back. Orange and purple  are both secondary colors and they’re strong so I see how well they make for a great vision. I think a lot about the zoo as I look at this. The animals, the print, and even the checkerboard at the bottom make it come off as an illusion. I love how nice this one came out.