Earlier today, I was having a conversation with Cyborg, and he let me know that singer, Zendaya was set to play in the Aaliyah biopic. We were both a little surprised by the actress choice. It’s been sitting on my mind all day. Creatively I became very inspired to do a design of Aaliyah. Watercolor was the direction that I knew I wanted to go in. From the momentum of the Ruby Dee design, I couldn’t wait to get started on this. I had a bit of a rough start but was able to pull through. I also wanted to try something a little different and include the titles of my favorite songs from Aaliyah to overlay the design. I have to say that this was a great way to express myself and also my love for Aaliyah and all of the great hits that she made while she was alive. I would definitely dub this one of my best watercolors.