A few days ago, actress/poet/playwright Ruby Dee passed away at the age of 91. When I first found out, I was in such shock because of how legendary and timeless she was. I didn’t feel emotional, but it was a hit to me. I didn’t know too much about her prior to her passing so I wanted to do some research to learn things for myself. As I was looking, I came across some amazing photos of her with predeceased husband Ossie Davis. She was a very beautiful woman in her younger days. Easily, I got inspired to do a watercolor design based off of the photo that stood out to me. The process was pretty amazing and stress-free. I wanted to based the color scheme around reds and browns to give significance to her name. Red happens to be my favorite color also so I just felt so comfortable. Something that made the edit more meaningful to me is how she was from the Westchester area, where Cyborg is from. He fell in love with the design when I showed it to him directly after finishing. He said it was warm and loving, something I was hoping to capture. It feels great that I was able to bring a little bit of after life artistically to an admirable woman like Ruby Dee. A great experience among many other things.