Last thursday, I went to the movies to see the new film, Maleficent starring Angelina Jolie. I have to say how amazing the movie was. A bonus for me was seeing it in 3D. A lot of different elements in this movie had my inspired artistically to do a design based around it and it’s message. Sunday, the couple of days before doing the design, I got very inspired to start right away, but I wanted to wait to while so I can have the time to plan what direction I wanted to go in and also to look at some photos and really think about which I wanted to work off of. Who knew featured movies had so much inspiration lying inside of them? The process of working on the design was extremely different from any design that I’ve done of this kind of feel. Doing this design was very chill, there was no pressure to finish quickly, and everything just came together so well. I was also able to learn a lot of new and cool techniques for the future. I’m happy to have a personal design to remind me of how amazing the movie was and also to remind me of how well and significant of a character Maleficent was in the movie. If you guys haven’t  gone to see this movie, I recommend it and in 3D.  It’s absolutely a great movie with a beautiful message.