Yesterday (the 5th of June) I celebrated my 23rd year of life on this earth. I was feeling pretty inspired the day prior to do a cool and silly design to bring in my birthday in a true, artistic fashion. This design was pretty quick, last minute, and fun. I decided to pick a photo that would tell a story and bring the sillyness factor to this birthday design. It happens to be one of the photos from the (Shock Yourself) design. I wanted the edit to show the element of my being surprised and happy to see another year. I like how playful the font that the number 23 is in looks. It stands out beautifully to me and the colors of splatter in the back just bring it out even more. I had a great birthday and I’m glad that I have this cool edit as one of the many things to remember about this day. Wishing myself Another Happy Birthday 🙂