Last week was a busy week for the VVC blog, but in the midst of everything, one of my favorite designs that I created was of The Voice contestant, Melanie Martinez. A few months back, Cyborg had put me on to one of her songs called “Dollhouse” and I was blown away by her sound. She has a soft but powerful kind of voice to her. I like her sound, but her look is one that I’ve never really seen. She has versatility to her presence. A few things about her that stand out to me is her half-and-half hair and her vibrant sense of style. I thought that using her as a subject would be interesting and also a lot of fun. I did just that with this design. There wasn’t really a set concept of blueprint for this. I just went with whatever I thought of and whatever I felt would work. The randomness just makes me fall in love with this design all over again. It took quite a while to perfect and make stand out but I believe every moment spent was worth it.