Over this past weekend, I’ve gotten inspired to work on a subject of Hispanic decent. Looking over a lot of my recent work, I’ve realized that I barely have any subjects. Then the idea came to me to use Jennifer Lopez. I watch In Living Color pretty regularly and she has always stood out to me as a fly girl. I also listen to her music a lot from time to time. I’m definitely a fan of her as a performer in the music industry. I’ve said here and there how amazing she looks even after so much time. Doing an edit was definitely in the cards for me and my creativity. I had a lot of trouble at first because it was my first time using Red-Orange and Grey together for a color scheme. I wanted to make sure that it worked well, considering the inspiration came from the photo that I chose to work with. I got a lot of artistic inspiration from the Madison Pettis design as far as a setup goes and the Nolan Funk and Emma Watson designs as far as the checkerboard goes. I tried something new and make the checkerboard colored to blend with the rest of the design. Overall, I love how great and soft this artwork came out. It feels great and gives icing to the cake using people you grew up on as subjects.