I recently was put on, by my close friend Cyborg to a show on Netflix called Arrow. It’s a show based on the DC Comics about a superhero who takes down criminals dressed in a green hood with a bow & arrow as the weapon of choice. One of the characters in the series, Felicity Smoak, stands out to me because of how funny she is and how much I can see myself in her. She’s a computer nerd with many amazing attributes and a great heart. I feel like that’s exactly the kind of person I am. Being so inspired, I chose to use the actress that plays her, Emily Bett Rickards, as a subject for a design. This particular design took quite some time. The picture I chose has some amazing elements that I knew would be a challenge to recreate but I think I did an amazing job. For one, Emily looks way different from the character of Felicity so I wanted to show her in a different light and make this edit very sensual and sexy, but also make it as creative and eye-popping as I could. This is one of my favorite designs of the week because the amaount of inspiration behind it is phenomenal. I’ve very sure that I soon will be going back to Arrow and awaiting many more amazing subjects and potential designs.