It’s been a while , but VVC IS BACK with a new edition for #FansignFriday. I’m excited to showcase today’s feature. This fansign comes from Andre, co-owner of Mammonism Lifestyle, a clothing line from his twin brother Dandre and himself. For a little while now, I’ve been teaming up with him, creating new ideas and examples for clothing and logos. The process has definitely been a different one for me. I’m a newfound fan/supporter of MLS, and how dedicated they are to chasing dreams. You don’t see thay too often anymore. Andre is definitely one of the coolest people I’ve worked with. It’s most definitely an honor to have 1/2 of the genius that is Mammonism Lifestyle featured for #FansignFridayand supporting Veezy Vibetime Creations. Be sure to follow both Andre and Dandre on instagram/twitter (@mlsandre/@mlsdandre) and check out some of their amazing MLS clothing.