For today’s new design, I decided to go back to my favorite technique of using black and white for a main color scheme. The inspiration for that bounces off of the photo, being of actor/singer Nolan Funk, this design’s subject. The idea for Nolan comes from a few of my favorite shows that he’s starred in. Not only is he handsome and attractive, but something about his interests me. I felt like it would be a great idea to capture him artistically. I loved working on this design. For the first time, using Black & White as the color scheme wasn’t hard at all. It was actually a lot of fun. I get so much Grease tease from the photo and the edit overall looks like an intimidating and strong illusion. I added in a pop of colors, sea green and yellow to lighten up the design as well as some animals to make it really pop. My first time using the colors together and I think I did great for this being the first time. This design for me has to be another easy favorite.