This has been a little of a harder week for the designing process due to a little of a creative block. Luckily before this took place, I was able to do a few different designs in the beginning of the week. My first and favorite design that I did was of model/actress/singer Carmen Electra. The inspiration for using Carmen actually came from the Madison Pettis design I did last week. Carmen randomly popped into my head. I was able to do a little research and find some amazing photos to work with. The photos ended up inspiring the entire feel of the design. I went regal/vintage once again to give the design that realistic effect. Animals and grunge was also added in to keep that fresh feel. The thing I love about this style is that it feels like I’m watching an old-western kind of movie or show. Carmen being a sex-symbol, it also gives me a Moulin Rouge kind of feel and mindset. I love how nice and bold this came out. Not electrifying, but electra-fying. !!