This is my most recent design, being of actress/singer Vanessa Hudgens. The inspiration for this particular design and subject was very last minute and random. I am a fan of Vanessa and a lot of her work, but I’ve never actually thought of using her as a subject for a design. All of the recent designs (Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, and Kid Ink) were actually planned after I chose Vanessa as a subject. I wanted to save her for later because it was my first time working on a design of her, and also because the photo is way out of my comfort zone. It was intense looking, yet so simple. I had no idea how to dive into this but I knew this process was going to be interesting but beneficial to me. Throughout the whole journey of doing it, I had so much fun with it. Testing colors, finding ways to make her stand out, it was a great experience. Of all the designs that I’ve done this past week, this would be my favorite.