Lately, I’ve been huge with my love for these designs of celebrity subjects. They boost a lot of my creativity as well as my confidence as an artist. I worry sometimes if I stay in a certain style for a long time, but after each design I realize I pick up something different. This recent design of rapper Kid Ink was a prime example of that. I usually don’t use subjects with a lot of tattoos because I worry I’ll add in too many elements and it’ll wash out the photo. The process was a little harder with this design than it was with the previous design of Darnell Waine (Darnell in the Dark). I had a rough time in the beginning as far as the direction I wanted to go in. The first idea that popped in my head was the use of grunge. I knew for sure that was something I was going to add in to give off that roughness and strong feel. After that, everything else just kind of found its place. The  color scheme bounces off of the photo. I think that makes the edit come together nicely. I also did some blurring, something different, to make it all come together a little more. When I look at this, it reminds me so much of a mural on a wall. The look of it takes my breath away. I like this design a lot.