It’s been a while since I’ve used gold as a color scheme in a design, since the Sevyn Streeter design I believe. My subject for this next design was rapper Nicki Minaj. I’ve used Nicki as a subject before back in 2011, as I did with the previous design of Justin Bieber (last post), so doing this project was planned to show my growth. This was a different process for me than the first one. Back then, I felt very forced to do the design, I wasn’t too satisfied with the end result, and I felt like I was looking too forward to feedback rather than just loving the art and the process. Having learned so many techniques and styles along with the element of patience over the years, I had so much fun bringing this to life. I fed off Nicki, her outfit, and the overall transition of herself then to herself now as an artist. I’m a fan of Nicki’s so her music influenced the process as well. She’s very hard-hitting as a recording artist and I wanted the design to reflect that as best as possible. Gold is a strong color to me so I thought it was a great idea for a scheme. Gold is also an element that I love to use when I design. It’s constantly a challenge to make it look realistic and eye-catching,  but the end result always makes me feel on top of the world as an artist. (The 2011 design is attached to show the transition of design from then to now.)

Nicki Minaj design (2011)