This is my recent design of singer Jhene Aiko. Having done designs of Jhene before, I didn’t think that the process would be as hard as it was. I knew I wanted to go a different direction and be a little more simple, reserved, and mature this time around. Dealing with such a racy photo as the one I used, I wanted to bring a lot of emphasis to it but try and not make it the main focus of the design. I decided to have the background in a cool color scheme to tone down the photo a little and make the overall appearance soft. As for all of the elements, I wanted to keep them very simple but have them stand out as well. The writing in the back is my favorite element of the entire design. I love how complex it makes this edit look. To me, it brought the entire thing together. I think hands down that this may be one of the cleanest and one of the best designs to date I’ve done.