This is my latest single artwork design for recording artist Cyborg and his track “Rules of the Jungle” off of the project All My Tomorrows: Tantor, which was recently released for listening and download on SoundCloud. The concept for this design strictly came from Cyborg himself. He was inspired by animals and morphing and wanted the art to be a reflection of that. I had the idea of keeping the triangle tradition of that from the “Leopards & Tylenol” artwork to show some consistency of the weird and eccentric vibe that Cyborg brings through his music. The thing that I loved the most about working on this project was the freedom of taking my time and exploring with the animals I used. A lot of my inspiration for using animals in my designs comes from the Tantor project and concept. I love how clean and powerful this artwork looks. (Rules of the jungle can be heard/downloaded here: If you’re a lover of independent music and great vibes, I recommend a listen to this project and this track as well. Cyborg has outdone himself as an artist and a musician.