It’s been quite some time since I last did one of these #IndieEntry designs. This process was very special, as is every one that I do. The good thing about IndieEntries is that I’m able to focus mainly on words, poetry, and music to deliver a great design. I get inspired easily by simple things like that so its a treat. This new #IndieEntry quote comes from my newest poem Adjacent , which you can find on the poetry page of this blog ( The inspiration for this poem comes from my recent personal growth and my friendship with my closest friend and recording artist Cyborg. I’m fortunate to have an amazing bond with him and we’re always there for one another. Using a photo of us both was clutch for this design. The quote works well to me with this photo. I love the overall appearance and how clean the design looks. It hits home because the quote is absolutely real, it connects, and it just works so well. It brings that element of emotion, which is a huge part of me. Another great design.