Recently, I’ve teamed up for another design for professional dancer DeVaughn Ragston. For this process, it differed so much from the first time around because it took a lot less time for one. Also, I was very unsure how to go about it. The photo that DeVaughn suggested was really strong, not to mention he’s a handsome guy and I wanted this edit to be at great potential. It was a very rough start, due to me thinking so much, then I just started to let it flow. Slowly but surely, the design came together very well. I had some inspiration from a few of my previous designs as far as elements go. The color schemes bounces off the pigments of DeVaughn’s skin as well as his eyes and clothes. I like how mature and mellow this edit looks. I was happy more than anything I finished because I didn’t think I’d be able to pull it off. I’m very proud of this design and myself.