This is my most recent design of supermodel Naomi Campbell. At first, I thought I was out of my mind for using a subject as powerful as her. The photo searching process took a while since I had about ten of my personal picks to choose from. I could picture each one working for a design so it took me a while to figure it out. This one photo , the one I ended up using, stood out so much to me from the others. Not only was the detail of her outfit challenging for me, but the overall look gave me a different perspective of her. This photo gave me the control to really tell a story with this design and make it come to life. As far as the whole feel of it, I feel like it really stands out from other edits I’ve done. It’s grayscale, which is hard for me but it works so well here. It’s very simple but complex as well. It also is so dark but stands out so much. This was a great design to me. I’m so proud of it. Work! (In my best diva voice lol)