I’m proud to display to you all here on the blog, my newest design to date, of singer/rapper Teyana Taylor. The inspiration for this design feeds a little bit off of the Beyonce design (Bey-ing Parallel post) as far as a setup goes. Because of how versatile Teyana’s pose is here, I definitely wanted the edit to tell a story. I wanted to do an all-grayscale design originally,  but I started messing around with hues and saturation, deciding to add in the yellow color you see. Yellow is actually my favorite color to use when I edit because of how vibrant and bright it is. Adding it into this design really made it pop a little more for me. I love how simply complex it looks. The hair made me question if I wanted to do this design since masking it was extremely time consuming and stressful. I saw it as a challenge though and decided to go on and finish it out. I’ve glanced at the edit a few time since finishing it earlier and I feel like it’s one of my cleaner designs as far as selection of the subject goes. I love seeing my progress through my artwork. It lets me know I’m doing something right.