Yesterday, I was in a huge mood to design an edit of myself. I recently took some nice photos and as I was browsing through them, I made a last minute decision to make this edit. From the poses I made, I came up with a cool concept to make the design tell a story. I got some inspiration from my “Art is Earth” design as far as telling a story and bringing an element to the design. I wanted the design to stand out from any other self ones that I’ve done. Cyborg gave me some nice suggestions for new animals to use. (Arctic Fox, Lamb, Snow Leopard) He let me know that each define a different element of me and my personality. I really had trouble at first because I’m used to safari animals but it was so cool to try something different. Slowly the design started to come together. It looks just like a story.  The quote I came up with for this is, “Sometimes, I shock myself with how out of the box I can be.” The poses make it so realistic and playful. I love this design, how amazing it looks, as well as my progression of self designs I’ve done.