As you guys know, I work very closely with recording artist Cyborg. For a little over a year now, he’s been working on his mixtape, Tantor. I’ve been working beside him as the sole artist of the cover and the tracklist, along with a few single track designs. Throughout the month of April, Cyborg will be performing live within the CT/NY area, promoting the Tantor project, leading up to the release on 4/24/2014. I created a tour date poster showcasing the dates and places he will be. The thing that I love about this design is how nostalgic it was creating it. I designed the calendar from scratch. The amazing thing about this one element is that I haven’t created one since high school. Just seeing how amazing it came out made me happy that I’ve kept this gift for so long. I also love the color scheme of the poster and how well it corresponds to the Tantor cover. If you or a friend lives in the CT/NY area and is interested in attending any of the shows, you can contact me through any of the links on my contact page or Cyborg (information below). Be sure you guys support my guy and show him some love. He’s amazing at what he does.

Cyborg Information: