For a while, I’ve been noticing a new method that I use when I do my designs. I take it upon myself in an edit to use japanese/Chinese prints. I’m a new admirer, if you will, of Anime and I love how it has started to take an effect on my artwork. I recently finished this new design of model Chantel Jeffries. I’ve had a plan to use Chantel for a while. Her look is really exotic, and she stands out to me. Not to mention she’s beautiful. I felt like it would definitely be a risk to do this kind of edit with her as the subject. I have to say I’m glad that I did this design. The colors are inspired once again by the show, Naruto. The character that best represents the edit is Hinata, a girl from the lead village with sky blue/lavender-like eyes. I love the edit and how soft it looks. It’s got to be one of my new favorites.