About a week ago, I came across a trailer for the show Best Ink on Oxygen, a competition to see which tattoo artist will win $100,000. Being an obvious art lover, I was look at the tattoos on the contestants’ bodies. I just thought it was really cool to see people around my age so talented and passionate about tattooing and the art of it. One of these contestants stood out to me, Darnell Waine. I’m uncertain if he won or not because I don’t watch the show very faithfully. One thing that caught my eye about him was all of the tattoos on his body. Not to mention how handsome he is. It came to me instantly that I wanted to design an edit with him as the subject. It took me a while to figure out what direction to go with it since I’ve never used a subject with many tattoos, but I knew I wanted to keep the feel of it very dark and gloomy-like. When I think of tattoos, I think of darkness, gloom, and fantasy. The idea fascinates me though. Doing this edit was very different for me because I’m so used to using lots of colors and being vibrant. I had some influence from the Beyonce edit I recently did, but this one is something completely out of the box for me. Black and Red are some of my favorite colors so you could imagine how comfortable I felt. This overall was a great edit to create and easily it has become one of my favorites.